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Metabolic Approach

With this weeks blog I am straying a bit from my seasonal posts, to a topic that is very close to my heart and soul. The topic metabolic, relating to or deriving from the metabolism of a living organism. That living organism is YOU!

Last year I found a read one of the best books I have ever read on the body and health of your body, "The Metabolic Approach to Cancer". I have given it as gifts, to all those I know and care about. Cancer aside, this book gives you a remarkable insight to our bodies and how they work, function, break down, get sick, but most important how to prevent these things from happening.

A beautiful metaphor from this book I will share with you is, think about your body as a garden.

"I the plants in a garden aren't thriving, a novice gardener might simply spray week killer and hope for the best. However, a master ecological gardener will take much more into consideration: Does the soil have the proper minerals in it? Does the soil have toxins seeping into it that are harming the plants? Are the plants receiving adequate sunshine? Clean and plentiful water? Are the seeds healthy? Are environmental forces, such as high winds, causing undue stress to the plants? This is the level of in depth analysis that this book offers for the body-mind-spirit system---and with impressive results".

Cancer itself usually results from a collection of over one hundred different diseases-----each with mitochondrial dysfunction at its center. Key words here, DIFFERENT DISEASES, add to this the fact that everyone's body is significantly different from their neighbor's---meaning that no two people have the same toxin exposure, immune system, metabolism, or microbiome-----and you can begin to appreciate why this highly individualized approach to cancer and other diseases makes sense. So many events in a persons life can lead to mitochondrial failure.

So lets make it simple, we can stop talking about cancer and put all this into our everyday life...Our bodies run on food, water and energy. If you give your body the healthy food and water it needs, while also creating emotional conditions in your life that lead to an abundant flow of energy in the body, you will be well on your way to health. What is important to know, and I have said this in previous posts, is that "one size does not fit all", we all need to be on different meal and lifestyle plans, due to our individual physiology. This is why it is important to find out where you are off balance, so that you can find the right tools to regain your health. Be your biggest advocate for your health and "Savor Your Soul";)

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