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This service is performed virtually. 


This service is for you if you have questions or need some insight on your overall health and wellness. Whether you need help finding your drive, implementing change, or just need nutritional questions answered. 


Let’s hop on a call on an as-needed basis to address any topic or areas of concern you might have regarding your overall health and wellness. Share with me what is motivating you to change, why haven’t you been able to change things to this point, what is standing in your way, and how you can go about making these changes.




This service is exclusive for local sunny San Diegans only. 


This service is for you if you plan on entertaining for any occasion and find that you need help with creating an appropriate menu or curating the decor.


I will help you design a menu for you to execute that goes along with the time, occasion, season, and mood of the event. If you’re a local, I will create the tablescape for your occasion -- whether you need me to go shopping for you for what is needed, or if you’d rather shop yourself, I can supply the list of essentials. Either way, let’s design an occasion to remember! 




This service can be done in person locally or virtually if you aren’t in sunny San Diego (Zoom or FaceTime)


This service is for you if you want to see just how simple cooking healthy recipes can be! 

I will choose a menu for us to prepare together based on your food preferences and specifications. I will provide a grocery list and a list of items you will need to prep before our cooking session. We will schedule an evening to cook together (either remotely or in person if you are local). During our session we will cook your menu step by step, while I sprinkle helpful cooking tips on top and answer any questions you might have. 


My goal is to assist you with feeling more comfortable in the kitchen and to make the process of cooking simple, healthy recipes an easy thing for you, both for yourself and your family.



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