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Where is the soul, what is the soul, how to connect with your soul??? My description of soul is; where your spirit and your physical body connect, this is what creates your SOUL. Bringing the heart and the brain together as one, this connection creates this beautiful being in all of us. This connection is made from the very beginning, staying connected to this soul is your purpose in life, being you and living the life that is intended for your soul. We never lose our soul, but life can cause us to disconnect from it, looking elsewhere for answers, looking outside ourselves for who we are, looking to others for love and acceptance.

Deciding on the right name for my business/website wasn't difficult at all, knowing that healing physically and mentally has to come from the inside, what is in your heart and what is in your brain, building a lifestyle that marries the two speaks to your authenticity. Everything else outside is so much easier to live with or deal with when you truly know who you are and what makes you happy. You live your life making choices that best support you, which is why you need to "Savor Your Soul".

I can tell clients all day long how and what they should be eating, but unless I can connect with them from that soul level, or get them to look deep inside at who they truly are, nothing I share with them will resonate. That connection is such a big part of living a life of health, wellness, peace, content and happiness. We take care of ourselves to be our best, creative, productive, active, inspired, open, successful in things we do, challenged, our growth and our connection to others. Open yourself up to all the possibilities this beautiful life you have been given has to offer, don't settle for anything less than what your soul desires, your dreams, aspirations, goals.... Savor your soul, listen to your heart, and continue to grow into the person you are intended to be.

The two words I use most often with my clients is, Nourish and Nurture! Nurture yourself with care, love, time, acceptance, surrender...knowing what you need to do or give yourself in the process. Nourish your body and brain so that you are living the brightest best life you can, physically and emotionally, with clarity and enthusiasm. Nourish and nurture you soul starting from the inside and see how it shows on the outside. I am here to help!!!

Simple Grilled Savory Chicken


4 boneless skinless chicken thighs (you can also use chicken breasts, I recommend 2 breasts for this recipe. If you want 4 breasts double the sauce ingredients))

2 tbsp agave nectar

3 tsp sriracha

Juice of 1 ½ limes

2 tsp coconut aminos



Garlic powder


Heat grill to medium high

Season the chicken with the salt, pepper and garlic powder.

In a small bowl whisk together the agave nectar, sriracha, lime juice and coconut aminos until well blended.

Drizzle ½ the sauce over the chicken and let sit for about ½ hour or longer.

Place the chicken on the grill and cook until done, turning a few times while cooking.

When chicken is cooked take the chicken off the grill and drizzle the leftover sauce over the top of the cooked chicken and serve.

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