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Mealtime Vibes

Have you ever had a meal that once you were done you could n't really remember what you had or how it tasted. A meal that was eaten too fast, or standing in the kitchen, or in the car, or walking somewhere, throwing it down just to put something in your stomach??? Well that is exactly what you just did, you put something in your stomach. The food we eat should be enjoyed, savored, appreciated and celebrated. There is a process in getting our food to us, a lot of labor goes into the food we buy at the store, farmers markets, restaurants. We need to take more time at each meal to remember this and to be grateful. Your body and your health will both benefit greatly. To start, be sure you are seated while you eat, relaxed and comfortable, keep all electronics away from the table while you eat, make your meal a moment of enjoyment. Pay attention to what is on your plate, take a few deep breaths before you start, chew your food thoroughly between each bite (makes it easier to digest and absorb all the nutrients and you will be more satiated). Try not to drink much while you are eating, this lets your body digest and absorb what you eat rather than washing it down with liquid. Maybe even thank your food, thank your body, this may not be for everyone but it sure helps in the overall experience. Be mindful at mealtime, maybe add some flowers on the table, use cloth napkins make your surroundings pleasant and take your time!! Nourish your body, relax your mind and savor your soul.

I am sharing a chopped salad recipe, you can use any vegetables you want in the salad just be sure to chop the veggies and lettuce up (again assisting your body with digestion), and you can add a protein of choice along with avocado (good healthy fat to help fill you) Salads are easy and can be changed all the time I will give you a dressing recipe.


6 tbsp balsamic vinegar

¼ cup olive oil

2 tsp Dijon mustard

2 tsp agave nectar

2-3 clove pressed garlic

salt and fresh ground pepper to taste.

Chopped Salad

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