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Seasonal Healing

Healing definition is "to become sound or healthy again". What does this definition look like to you? The word at the end "again", this infers that you were healthy at some point and time in your life... Healthy can be a very broad term, encompassing so much in our lives, healing can be as well. Healing physically, healing emotionally, healing mentally, healing spiritually...

Visiting my beautiful friend this last weekend in Idaho, we were driving home after church, she started the conversation about "Being Human", that we are a composition of three BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT. She asked her husband and I which one of the three we felt we were being led by in our lives, that questions took be down a very intimate path with myself. What I am most lead by wasn't hard to realize, for me it is body, in what I do and how I live, it has always been body. What I realized during this conversation we were having and the wonderful blog my girlfriend posted this past weekend, is that I am in need of connection more with mind and spirit, but spirit being the most important to me. We need to be in touch with all three, all important in who we are and what we experience. Navigating each on separately and together as a whole, noticing where your heart is and what resonates with you each day, each season and each year.

Now connect this mind, body, spirit composition together in one beautiful human experience and we get HEALING. Paying attention to all three, nurturing and nourishing all three and most important loving all three. Seasonal Healing brings to mind, all the different parts of each season that can be so good for the soul. Whether it be a day or a month, an occasion, the weather, the food, vacations, family, friends...whatever the season means to you make it good, make it healing, bask in it, roll around in it, fill yourself up with it. Eat the good food, indulge in the spirit of each season, allow yourself to connect to what is outside and inside of you. Bring the inside out, or the outside in, body, mind and spirit!!!!

Summer is just around the corner, so find out just what summer is all about where you live. The activities going on, fresh foods available to you, the healthiest and most delicious restaurants to go to. Play tourist in your own home town, you don't always have to travel to experience something new. Feed the soul, which is, BODY, MIND, SPIRIT in one beautiful human. Summer healing at its best!!!

I want to share with you my girlfriend Janene's wonderful writings, be a part of her weekly blogs. She has so much to share and her words are beautiful, thought provoking, amazingly put together, so many conversations! The perfect way to start your Saturdays:)

Summer Cucumber Avocado Salad


1-2 cucumber, diced

1 large avocado, diced

1 bunch cilantro, chopped

1 clove garlic, minded or mashed

3/4 tsp cumin

1/4 tsp red pepper flakes

2 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp apple cider vinegar

juice of one lime

salt and pepper to taste


Mix all the ingredients together in a medium sized bowl, until well combined. Add any additional seasoning you may like.

Eat it alone, or top you chicken or fish with it. So Good!

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