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This Little Piggy Went to Market

Yes I am talking about me, I love food, I love cruising around the grocery store, I love eating food (good food that is), I love preparing food, food food food. Yes this little piggy goes to market all the time, my favorite though is the Farmers Market. The smell, shopping outdoors, all the goodies to try, the people selling their fresh food, farm to table is my vibe:) So most Sundays I grab my shopping bags and head out to discover all the goodness there is at my favorite Farmers Market, I love to support our local farmers. Sometimes I have a list and sometimes I just like to see what is there and buy what sounds good. Always lots and lots of vegetables and fruit, nuts, local honey, flavor infused olive oils (if I haven't made any of my own), salsas, plants, succulents, and I won't even get into the prepared foods that are there. I could eat my way through that isle.

There is something about getting into the car and smelling all the fresh produce, knowing the treasures I purchased and what I can create with them. If you haven't already, I strongly suggest you find a local Farmers Market in your area and make it a point to check it out, I promise you won't be disappointed. Shop local, shop fresh, shop healthy!!!

Veggie Sandwich

-Select your favorite vegetables- Some favorites for me are cucumbers, carrots (peeled or grated), zucchini, mushrooms, bell pepper, jalapeño pepper or serrano, lettuce, tomato.

-Bread of choice-gluten free grain bread or super seedy grainy bread

-Hummus (plain of flavored)

-spicy sauce optional

-seasonings of choice-salt, pepper, paprika, cayenne...



Toast you bread (you can just use one slice and make it open face)

Spread hummus on the toasted bread

Then layer your vegetable on top

Then season on top (you can also season once you spread the hummus)

*How easy is that???

**You can also make it with roasted vegetables!!!

Veggie Sandwich

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